Yuwell Acquired the National Laboratory Certification

Recently, the yuwell Global Testing Center Laboratory has passed the qualification review and conformity assessment of CNAS and acquired the CNAS qualification certificate accredited by China, becoming one of the nationally recognized laboratories.


What is CNAS?

CNAS is the only national accreditation body approved and authorized by the CNCA. CNAS uniformly implements the accreditation of certification bodies, laboratories, and inspection institutions and has important domestic and international influence. In addition to yuwell, the laboratories of multiple industry leaders such as Siemens, XCMG, Chery were all inscribed on the CNAS list.


CNAS laboratory (Chinese and English) accreditation certificate


What is the role of CNAS certification?

The CNAS certificate is recognized by the whole world. As one of the few experimental platforms with independent detection capability in the medical industry, the yuwell global testing center has been approved by CNAS, meaning that the test data results issued by yuwell will be recognized by international mutual recognition institutions in more than 100 countries and regions around the world and have international authority and credibility. That recognition has greatly accelerated the iteration of yuwell products and its progress of global market layout.


Global Testing Center

Located in the yuwell global industrialization base, the yuwell global testing center takes on the responsibilities to develop and test medical equipment and inspect product quality. Every yuwell product that will be handed to customers experiences the following tests before leaving the factory:

EMC Anechoic Chamber: equipped with international high-end equipment, this chamber simulates electromagnetic waves in thousands of environments to ensure that the product can still be normal in the face of any electromagnetic interference.


Acoustic Laboratory: to make the product quieter when it is used, this laboratory is certified by the China Institute of Metrology. The background noise here is as low as - 1 dB. So quiet that blood flow can be heard.


Comprehensive Environmental Laboratory: harsh environments such as water immersion, impact, vibration, sandstorm, corrosion, and high temperature are simulated to challenge product limits.


Since the establishment of the yuwell global testing center, yuwell has developed rapidly and produced great results. It has successively passed a number of capability verification recognized domestically and internationally. Yuwell global testing center has acquired national laboratory certification recognized by CNAS, representing that its detection ability and management level have reached a new height.

Equipped with CNAS qualification, yuwell global testing center will continue protecting the life and health of global users with the scientific attitude that quality comes from rigor.

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