New Product Release of Yuwell in 2021

On December 5, yuwell’s 2021 New Product Release was grandly held in Primus Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao with online and offline attendees such as partners, industry experts and yuwell users. Attracting more than 100 media, this event witnessed the launch of brand-new strategies and yuwell’s new products on the theme of Infinite Future, opening up yuwell’s new era of intelligent health.


According to public information, yuwell serves as an expert in global family health management and plays an important role in the global fight against COVID-19. For yuwell, the secret to be an industry leader is to continuously make innovations.


On the event, Alex Wu, CEO of yuwell, announced yuwell’s future strategy-- reshaping medical devices through innovation. Alex Wu pointed out that in the future, in addition to the pillar business such as blood pressure monitoring, body temperature monitoring, TCM equipment, and surgical instruments, yuwell will focus on respiration, POCT, and sensing control as well as other high-potential business such as emergency treatment, ophthalmology, and intelligent rehabilitation.


On the launch event, yuwell released four new products with the idea of exploring imagination boundary and infinite future through innovation.



Continuous glucose monitoring system 'Anytime' 

Yuwell joins hands with POCTech Corporation to launch a new CGM product--'Anytime'. With flexible sensors, unique 4-electrode design, Bluetooth wireless transmission, and real-time and safe data, Anytime can meet patients’ clinical demands for blood glucose management. Equipped with 'Anytime', yuwell will extend the existing blood glucose business to further develop comprehensive clinical solutions using finger blood tests and continuous glucose monitoring.



Portable oxygen concentrator Spirit-3

Yuwell has launched a portable oxygen concentrator as light as 2.2kg--the Spirit-3. This “champion brand” is the first to use a replaceable portable molecular sieve in China. It will stably generate oxygen at altitudes ranging from 0-5000m. Thanks to its surging power, Spirit-3 can be used in various occasions such as outdoors, cars, workplaces, and homes. 



Household high flow respiratory humidification therapy device HF-60M

Yuwell launched a household version of its high-flow respiratory humidification therapy device that is widely approved by Grade III Level A hospitals. Equipped with a 7-inch touch screen, HF-60M can monitor many parameters such as blood oxygen and pulse rate in real-time. With multiple alarms, separation design of the gas circuit and electric circuit and accurate temperature control, HF-60M is applicable to more than 20 kinds of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, providing an upgraded experience for users.



Automatic external defibrillator M600

The life-saving AED now has a new family member--the M600. With a charging speed less than or equal to five seconds, it sets a new industry record. Besides, M600 is further highlighted by its cardiopulmonary resuscitation feedback, child mode, rehabilitation rate improvement, and the integration of emergency resources from the data center of the IoT.


Portability, comfort, intelligence, and coordination, the once imagination on intelligent medical, now have become part of yuwell development. Industry insiders think highly of yuwell’s efforts to play a leading role in meeting people’s needs in the new era through independent R&D and the integration of the government, industry, universities, research, and hospitals. Down the road, yuwell is expected to further lead the industry and enhance the global competitiveness of Chinese brands amid backgrounds such as substitution of imported medical devices, expansion of the primary-level market, and rapid development of private hospitals.


In 2020, yuwell’s R&D cost increased by 70.81% year-on-year, according to the annual report. The year 2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan and a milestone and new starting point for yuwell, who will remain committed to the mission of alleviating patients’ pain, promoting doctors’ medical skills, leading the industry with disruptive technologies and protecting the infinite brilliance of life. 

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